After Chaos

9 June 2019, Hong Kong has a massive march against extradition law to China, over 1000 thousand peoples participated. However, the gov’t no respond, afterward, the movement became more intensive. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets, the frontline protestors arrested by police. Rallies and marches held every weekend, more and more people come out to fight for our right, we start to ask for universal suffrage and more freedom for Hong Kong, one country two system was destroyed. Hongkongers aware of our situation, especially the younger.

This summer movement, the students are the main force. The people are angry, we are no leaders, the movement is organised on-line.

My project is shooting after the riot, the places are quiet like nothing happened before, the students gathered in mall to sing “Glory to Hong Kong” so peaceful, like worship service. However, one high school student was shoot, The bullet pierced his left lung—three centimetres from his heart.

I would like to find the alternation scene of the movement.

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