About Etta

I’m graduated in fine arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Because my mother is a tailor, when I was a little girl I dreamed to be a fashion designer. I studied in fine arts in CU, because it’s one the famous University in Hong Kong. Why is not design? There are no design courses in CU, so I chose fine arts. But I not keen on study in University. I didn’t know why I need to create? Just because of assignments? What I want to create? Something my professors like? And what is art? Really a big issue! At that time I focused on amateur drama production, I forgot visual art is my beloved. I’m not a hard-working student in University and not likely to gain first honor, but I really enjoyed the campus life and my family are happy that I can studied in famous University in Hong Kong, so that was a golden age in my life. When I needed to work, I felt puzzle about the value of life, I knew many people faced the same problem. Someone can solve it, someone can tolerate the stress. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them; I can’t stand the stress, and then got an emotional disorder, Bipolar. I faced many terrible situations made me out of control. Seven years passed, I think the worst time was passed (maybe a little bit optimistic) I calmed down and found out what I got. My doctor said everyone is precious and unique. So I start to redevelop myself by drawing and photography and I believes art can be anything that gets people thinking.

香港演員及藝術工作者陳海雅(Etta Chan),原職中學教師,畢業於香港中文大學藝術系。躁鬱症患者。二零一三年三月,出版「Disorder in Cambridge」繪本。二零一三年八月於香港藝穗會舉行她第二個個展,「兔人都市」。二零一五年三月於Open Quote gallery 舉辦關於雨傘運動的個展“100Faces under an Umbrella”並出版同名畫冊。二零一六年出版繪本「我們並不是鴕鳥」。最近熱衷於寫作,創作新詩,散文及短篇小說,作品於聲韻詩刊及大頭菜文藝月刊發表。她相信藝術是任何令人思考的事物。

Etta 很喜歡媽媽給她起的名字「陳海雅」,也很喜歡當裁縫媽媽遺存給她對藝術的喜好。她以為自己會成為一個時裝設計師,但沒有想清楚的情況下升讀了中大藝術系,在學時期沒有好好用功創作,只埋頭戲劇創作,一切創作的精力都花在舞台劇上,交本科的創作功課總是馬馬虎虎,但讀藝術史倒是成績不錯。

畢業後,一度以為自己是不懂畫畫的。零九年在無聊工作的隙縫中畫兔子,作為visual diary 的主角,之後便没有停下創作。